Unique passwords creator


There's no need store any passwords. And all your privacy data is protected.


It is not necessary to store all passwords, they will always be available with 1Key.


It meets all modern information security requirements (length from 12 to 14 characters, mixed numbers/letters/registers/special characters).


Your comfort!

1Key manager features

Need a secure password, but tired of remembering it? 
1Key is your savior!

- just type one of your favourite passwords

mark for yourself the resource (website/service/account) in an understandable way 

and get your secure, unique and tamper-resistant password!

  • SECURELY - there's no need to remember or save this password, but you can always «recollect» it with the help of 1Key! Try it now!
  • FLEXIBILITY - it meets all modern information security requirements (length from 14 to 16 characters, mixed numbers/letters/registers/special characters). Try it now!
  • USABILITY - 1Key password can be easily retyped or conveyed orally - it contains only easy-to-read symbols. Try it now!